Cuba Trilogy (Colleges/University) DVD

Cuba Trilogy.001.jpeg
Cuba Trilogy.001.jpeg

Cuba Trilogy (Colleges/University) DVD


Cuba Trilogy

Three short films about Jewish life in Cuba.  Now all 3 are available on one dvd!

Whether you’re planning on visiting Cuba, are interested in Latin American Studies, history or religion, we have films that will interest you:

Abraham and Eugenia: Stories from Jewish Cuba

1995, 30 minutes

How two keepers of the faith have been able to cling to their beliefs during 35 difficult post- revolutionary years.

The Believers: Stories from Jewish Havana

1994, 15 minutes

The everyday struggles of life in Cuba during the “Special Period” since the fall of the Soviet Union and the resurgence of religious life on the Communist island.

Trip to Jewish Cuba

1996, 15  minutes

Follow a group of American Jews who go to Cuba bringing humanitarian supplies but leave with more than they could have imagined.

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